What to expect at AN RHC SERVICE


Our typical preaching style is an exegetial verse by verse study through a book or section of scripture. During our replant process leading up to our Open House (Dec. 9, Jan. 13) and Grand Opening (Feb. 17) Services we are instead working through a topical series about who we are as Ridgeview Hope Church. This is an ideal time to learn about us if you are looking for a church home.


While our facility is under construction we are enjoying having our music be entirely acoustic, sing up! We typically play an array of both modern music your would find on a christian radio station along with hymns in a bit more of a contemporary style (vocals accompanied by guitar, ukulele & cajon). Once in our facility we will be using similar music but with he advantage up speakers and microphones! We strive for excellent music but we believe that what we are singing is more important than how perfectly we sing it and that our focus must always remain on the one we sing to not the team leading the music.


Our facility is currently under construction which means we are meeting in our parking lot on campus  Sunday mornings at 10:00. We hope to have temporary occupancy by the second half of October 1018 and will be meeting for a few weeks in various areas of our facility while we wait for its completion in November 2018. For more information about the construction process please visit our FACILITIES page!


During the time our facility is under construction we are casual and have from 0 to 110 with us in the service. During our Open House services and following our Grand Opening service we will have Nursery and "Jr. Church" for those from 0 - 3rd grade and for any who may have special circumstances. In general, those who are 4th grade and up we invite to participate and worship corporately with us. For more information on our RHC Kids family ministry please visit our RHC KIDS page.


Our church family is made up of a range of those who chose to come in slacks and button up shirts to those who chose to be a bit more casual and come in jeans and t-shirts. Whether you feel as though you can honor Christ in anything from suits to shorts we are happy to have you and welcome you to pursue worship God along with us..