Our Story

The story of Ridgeview Hope Church starts with Pleasanton Evangelical Free Church. A church planted by the Walnut Creek EFC, now NorthCreek, was incorporated in 1968. Over the years, people came and people left and God worked in many ways through PEFC. In the late 90's we began to pray about selling part of our land and building a new facility on the rest. Finally the idea was broached, why not ask God about selling the whole property and finding a location where we could renovate a building and be in a high traffic location? 

We looked at over 40 properties. We prayed and fasted about the building and felt God moving us ahead,

well aware that while God had done the timing on the building, we needed the most important part. A healthy

growing church. Revitalizing was not enough. We consulted with our friend in the EFC, Steve Elliot. The elders and the church decided to go forward with more. We decided to become a church replant with a God-renewed mission to give new spiritual life to our Tri-Valley community.

We began a church replant training team and made plans to call our Associate Pastor

Ted Mendoza. We had money then but it was a step of faith to buy, renovate, and call an extra staff person. We knew it was possible that the building might take more time and money. It did, but we kept pursuing what we believed God called us to. We changed our name to Ridgeview Hope Church. Of all the various landmarks here, Mt Diablo (not so good) - Altamont (kind of boring); the Pleasanton Ridge stood out as significant. And Hope, had been a theme of our church for awhile. 

Ps. 121:1-2 I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? 2  My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Because our building was not completed we met in the parking lot from June- October of 2018 .  February 10, 2019 was our official launch date . 

It is our prayer that everyone who is in view of this Ridge would be presented with the Hope of Christ.

We adopted the new vision, mission, and set of values. We are still an Evangelical Free

church, but much has changed.

We want to help other Christian groups to have a place too. Currently, we are blessed to house World Harvest Fellowship and Christ Bible Church on Sunday Mornings.  We do not see other churches preaching the Gospel as competitors but as coworkers for the kingdom. There may be less than 100 churches in the tri-valley, most less than 100 people. 3 churches use this building. We partner in the Gospel, finances, and a place that we can meet each week.  Our vision, Lord willing, is to plant another church in 3 years. We want to help people to follow Jesus, be disciples, and train them to disciple their children.