Ridgeview Hope Values


(Teaching and Studying) 2 Tim. 3:16-17. We know God and His will through His Word. We therefore preach and teach scripture so the church will know and delight in God and be equipped for every good work and trained in righteousness.


(Individual and Corporate)  Ps 50:6. We value individuals and the church giving every part of their lives, as “giving Him his worth.” There is also a call for times of worship for individuals, families, small groups of believers, and the whole church. These would be marked by prayer, scripture and praise. We value doing these intentionally and regularly to the best ability God gives us.


(Individual and Corporate) Col. 1:9-12. We value hearing from and speaking to God individually and corporately. We need both, so that we can truly know and follow Him. Through prayer we build our relationship with Jesus, overcome temptation, know God’s will, have the unity of the Spirit, do the work of God, reveal His wisdom as His church and to the world, win spiritual warfare, stay spiritually awake and alert.


(Personal and Corporate) Mark 16:15. We are called to give the Gospel. People need to know Jesus and He calls each individual and His church to tell them the Good News that requires a response.


(Formal and Informal) Matt. 28:19. Jesus followers are disciples instructed to make disciples. We value the church intentionally helping each other grow in Christ through both intentional discipleship and relationships as we spend time together.


(Loving those who are not just like us) 2 Cor. 5:14-19. We value a church that is deeply committed to welcoming each other and outsiders into our gospel community and lives. We welcome all ages, races, interests, professions, experiences and backgrounds in order to reach all for the gospel, and show our overwhelming commonality in Jesus Christ.


(For Christian Ministries & World) Acts 15:41; 16:5. We value helping one another as God directs. We believe God has gifted us with the ability to partner with other ministries in terms of facilities, practical needs, and prayer.

Church Planting

(Locally and abroad) Acts 2:40-47. We value planting new churches and intend to do so on a regular basis. We affirm church planting as an effective means of evangelism and disciple-making.