Unattended Baby Showers

Who is organizing?

 The Simens family is organizing the “Unattended Baby Showers” for Next Step. Please see our church directory or contact the RHC staff if you would like to connect with the Simens family.

Who Is Next Step?

Next Step is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help women deal with life choices regarding motherhood and pregnancy.  

What Are Unattended Baby Showers?

Many mothers of unplanned pregnancies are unprepared. Unattended baby showers are a way that we can display love for these mothers as they welcome their children into the world.  Every second Sunday of the month RHC will announce the information of a specific  baby and mother we can help. On every third Sunday we will be collecting donations  for that child at the church. We will collect the donations, wrap them up, and deliver them to Next Step along with a baby blanket.

How You Can Help.


Here is the list from Next Step (remember, we  don’t need baby blankets.) The items most in need are size 5 and size 6 diapers and $10-$20 Safeway and Target gift cards. Many women need assistance in buying gas so they can come for our services, and help purchasing groceries. All items must be new except.


1 Laundry Basket or clothes hamper (In Which All Items Below Are Packaged)

1 Package of Newborn Diapers

1 Package of Baby Wipes

2   Blankets (Receiving) or swaddling wrap blankets

2   Blankets (Crib Size)

2   Blanket Sleepers

2   Washcloths

1   Towel

6   Onesies or undershirts

2   Gowns

6   Sleepers (One Piece)

6   Daytime Outfits (3 Newborn, 3 Up to 9 Months Size)

1   Sweater or Jacket (0-9 Mos)

2   Hats (1 Newborn Cap, 1 Bonnet or Cap)

10-15 Pairs of Socks (Newborn and Medium Size)

4   Booties, Slippers or Shoes (Newborn and Larger Size)

3   Bibs (Small and Medium)

10 Nursing Pads

2   Bottles (8 Oz Size)

2   Bottles (4 Oz Size)

2   Pacifiers (Sealed New in Package)

1   Baby Wash/Shampoo

1   Lotion

4   Toys (Rattles or Teething Ring or Squeaky Toys)

2-3 Books

2   Stuffed Animals

1   Diaper Bag